Male pattern baldness is a well documented and much-joked-about issue for dudes everywhere! But unlucky for dudes like us... By the age of 50, nearly 85% of dudes are lacking in what they used to have in their younger, stud muffin' days! That means that pretty much non of us are safe from our hair wearing a lil' thinner as we kick along through life.

If you're amongst the special group of lads who've realised balding is an inevitable reality, first congrats on accepting your fate! Secondly, you might need to make some changes to keep your follicles flowering for as long as possible. Without the right diet and vitamins that kick hair growth into high gear, you could be losing your hair 'cause of problems on your plate!

To make life a touch easier, we've put together the five best vitamins and minerals that'll nourish your noggin' like no tomorrow! 


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1. Try Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for strong and healthy growth! Just like the leader of the alphabet, vitamin A is the leader in boosting cell and tissue growth! More importantly for us legends, the fastest growing tissue in your body - hair!  

Vitamin A also helps produce a substance called sebum. This oily substance comes from skin glands and moisturises your scalp, keeping your hair super healthy! A touch of advice; don't be the guy with an overkill of sebum, you'll end up looking like John Travolta in Grease! It's not the most attractive thing in the world so keep that shit clean hombre! Have a squiz at the best hair loss shampoos for baldin' dudes here!

Back to the big dog -Vitamin A! He comes with a warning! Too much vitamin A could also cause hair loss. It's confusing I know, so before you start taking supplements to get your hair gains pumpin', talk to your doctor about how much they recommend you'll need for healthy, thicker hair.

You could also get vitamin A the good ol' fashion way... your diet. With carrots, spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins, you get a lot of beta-carotene, which your body processes and converts to vitamin A. Take a stroll down the milk and dairy aisle to catch vitamin A kickin' about like the king of the block!

If your diet is a bit heavier on the beers and fries side of things, you might want to think about slippin' some of the above foodie bits into your meals to magnify the brilliance that is your 'do!


2. Vitamin B (In All It's Types)

If you want to add one of the best vitamins for hair growth to your diet, get on board the biotin train, a key B-vitamin! We can safely say that biotin deficiencies are directly linked to hair loss. 

In many cases, biotin has been used as the leader in the fight against hair loss for dudes and dudettes everywhere. The catch is that biotin is in so many foods that it's pretty rare for anyone to have any kind of shortage. In fact, biotin deficiency occurs so rarely thats it's kinda hard to tell if it's good to take a bunch of supplements for those in good health. 

Regardless, it still stands, biotin is one of the best vitamins for hair growth, and the reason why it's a main active ingredient in our Little Pals.  If you're worried you might be getting too much biotin from our power-packed-pals, we have measured every ingredient to the T to make sure no one is going to get to much of a good thing! 

When it comes to the other B-vitamins in your diet, they're important in coaxing nutrients directly to your scalp. These vitamins stimulate red blood cells, the hard workers that carrying oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles, and are essential for thicker, healthy hair. Bottom line, you need B-vitamins! Start munching down on some dark leafy greens, almonds, whole grains, fish, seafood, and other meats to get those B-vitamins flooding your veins. 


3. Get Vitamin C

Now I'm not going to hold a full chemistry lesson, but one of the things that can take a toll on your body is the way free radicals attach to your cells. Simply put, free radicals are atoms in your body that are missing electrons. These bind to other cells and damaging them in the process. So basically, free radicals cause some shitty damage to your hair and block growth, resulting in half-assed hair... not what you want!

Vitamin C steps in to the picture by stabilising the imbalance between free radicals and and your body's ability to flush out all the unwanted nuts and bolts kickin' about. Basically, this is the main function of antioxidants [vitamin C ;)] and how they fix your body when things are looking a bit wonkier than normal. 

Your body needs vitamin C to help produce important parts of your hair's structure. Exhibit A - vitamin C produces collagen, which helps your hair grow faster. When you have vitamin C, your body absorbs iron far better, which is vital for your hair's structure.

I know this has all been a bit much, but just remember "vitamin C is good for me" and you'll be sweet! Get that vit C goodness from fresh citrus foods like oranges, strawberries, guavas, and even peppers and boost your body's collagen production to gain that mane you've always deserved.


4. Put More Vitamin D in Your Life

Vitamin D is linked to certain forms of hair loss. Low levels of vitamin D can cause different forms of alopecia, one of the main types of non-illness related hair loss.

If you haven't already guessed it, your hair follicles are created by different vitamins and this is one of the big ones! Brand new hair follicles are created by having the right amount of vitamin D. So far, according to research focused on the body's vitamin D receptors, it seems that it plays a major role in hair production and could be a reason as to why people like you and I are in this lil' predicament.

However, because receptors are the main focus of the majority of research out there, it's hard to tell exactly what role it plays. Very few people get the right amount of vitamin D, so get out into the sun or smash some mushies (the non-magical kind) or cod liver oil to stock up on big D!

REMEMBER - If you opt for them burnin' sun rays, slip, slop, slap! Especially on your noggin', which can become very tomato like if you're not careful! 


5. Plenty of Protein

Gains my friend, gains! If you know one thing about gettin' swole, protein is your best friend. It just so happens that hair is made mostly of protein. If your diet lacks in proteins, you'll struggle with healthier, stronger hair. So if you want your hair as swole as your guns after your last gym sesh, get on the protein train! 

Protein deficiencies have been linked to hair loss and limited hair growth. Most people in Western countries seem to get enough protein, but make sure your diet has a healthy balance to give your 'do the best chance to become gigantic! 


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Vitamins for Hair Growth Help You Stay Healthy

Whether your hair falls out or not, having the right diet has so many added benefits for your temple. If you balance out your diet, you'll feel better and look healthier, no matter your locks situation! But if you're looking for the best combination of vitamins and minerals for hair growth, look no further than our Little Pals! They're jammed with all of the above and everything else you need to remain that hairy beast you were born to be! 

If you have more questions about hair growth, contact us for more tips, we're always about! 




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