The sooner you start
the sooner it will come back.

Wanna know why your hair is vacating? If you've been digging around the internet looking for reasons why... then check our jb's journal.. We've been researching for 2 years and we're throwing it all here... enjoy fellas. 

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Fact Or Fiction: Wearing Hats Cause Hair Loss?

If you're starting to recognise the early signs of balding and you've got a pal on the same journey then chances are he's told you every tip and myth under the sun. I bet some of the things he has said are wildly unbelievable like "when

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Which Parent Is To Blame For Sharing The Baldness Gene?

For generations we've been told that if your maternal grandfather started balding young then you should prepare young for your hair to pack its bags. You may have been told that if your dad has a full head of hair but your uncle on your mother's

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