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Wanna know why your hair is vacating? If you've been digging around the internet looking for reasons why... then check our jb's journal.. We've been researching for 2 years and we're throwing it all here... enjoy fellas. 

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Say Hello to Healthy Hair: 5 Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men

  Buzzfeed lists 19 reasons why going bald is actually brilliant. Couple of their reason aren't - like lots of women are loving bald men these days, or never worrying about getting a haircut ever again - totally spot on! But if you went through

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Business Trips, Monthly Subs & Lab Experiments

Ho ho ho, one month to go! Soon that big, hairy man’s going to be sliding down our chimneys, hopefully bringing a head full of hair for 2019! November has been a wild month here at the joebloe head quarters. Combined with international business

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4 Hair Growth Vitamins That Are Protecting Your Man Mane As We Speak

One of the best things you can do for your hair is smash vitamins. This shouldn’t really be a surprise; our parents weren’t lying when they told us that we needed the vitamins in all those vegetables they crammed down our throats as kids. While

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Answering the 5 Big Questions about Minoxidil

We’ve discussed in the past how confusing some of the big words that hair regrowth brands throw around can be, both to understand AND to say. Dihydrotestosterone? Yeah, not gonna happen. ‘Androgen-mediated follicular miniaturisation’? I’m going

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Let's talk about Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

If you’ve been looking up solutions to hair loss online for a while now, then you’ve probably seen your fill of chemical options that sound more at home on the back of a packet of Twisties rather than in your hair. Terms like Minoxidil,

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How Does DHT Affect The Hair Growth Cycle?

It's all good and well having the all the 'answers' to hair loss, but have you ever wonder at which point DHT starts to kick the hair growth cycle in the nuts? I'm going to break down the in's and out's of the hair growth cycle, giving ya all the

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Packaging, a New Pal & We're Going to Honkers!

Welcome to November fellas! Welcome to the party end of the year ! Can you feel it in the air...? Everyone's shuffling slowly but surely towards that holiday mindset, dreaming about what's going on their Chrissy list for Santa (in our case more

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Here's Our Secret To Stopping Baldness In Its Tracks

So we’ve tackled how gone toppo changes the game by getting the blood pumping up top, but now it’s time to talk about the big brother of the joebloe family, little pals. 

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The Solution Every Balding Man Needs - Gone Toppo

So we talk a big game about the products in the joebloe family (for good reason too, they're absolutely tops). Today I wanted to get specific, get real up close and personal with the littlest kid in the joebloe family, Gone Toppo. First things

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What Is The Deal With Hair Transplants?

Have you ever had a mate go from the very edge of bald-guy boulevard with a receding hairline to hairy hunk over night? We've seen it happen; seemingly out of nowhere some dude seems to have reversed the whole men's hair loss thing and are

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