There comes a moment in everyone’s life where they look in the mirror and discover something about themselves that they didn’t before. Maybe you've got a random freckle out of nowhere, maybe you've spotted your first grey pube lingering in your beard, or maybe you've just sussed out that you're wearin' a lil' thinner up top compared to the last time you checked!

There are many reasons why your hair might be thinning. Usually, it comes down to age or genetics. It could also be your diet coupled with extra stress from that new project your boss has just dumped on your desk (we all know that feeling!). Whatever the reason, a fast hair growth treatment is ideal to getting things back to your youthful days of shaggy locks. 

Interested...? Keep reading to find out what you should be looking for in your products to grow thicker, faster, healthier hair, and what you should avoid in your journey to that wicked new 'do!



What to Look for in A Fast Hair Growth Treatment!

So, you're in a supermarket or pharmacy digging through different hair products. Most people just grab the cheapest thing or something that has raving reviews without much thought around which ingredients are the miracle makers! Certain ingredients work better for hair growth than others, so you might want to turn the bottle around and take a gander.

If you're on my wavelength, you could very well be a bit frazzled by words that sound like they belong in Professor Snape's potions class! We did a little research for you in this department so that you're not just looking at words on a bottle convincing yourself you have an idea of how to even pronounce them.


Keep An Eye Out For These Bad Boys...



As gross as this may sound, your scalp sprouts fungus or rather has the potential to. This growth can cause your hair to thin or even fall out. Ketoconazole acts as an anti-fungal remedy to get rid of the problem, so your head won't be looking at smooth as a mushroom anytime soon. 

Another thing that can cause your hair to fall out or thin is a skin condition called psoriasis. It can spring up across your scalp and if it does, your doctor may prescribe a shampoo containing ketoconazole to control flakes, dryness, and uncomfortable itching. 

It's important to keep in mind that the use of ketoconazole can cause some heavy side affects, especially in the liver region. Be sure to study up, use the correct dosage and consult your doc before you go smashing a heavy dose as part of your daily routine! 



One of our favourites here at the joebloe headquarters! Biotin is a vitamin found in many foods to give you energy, but it has other uses as well, like strengthening your nails and hair by promoting cell division and growth. You wouldn't have hair at all without both these processes, so let's take a moment to praise good ol' biotin! 

Also, your hair is composed of keratin, which after a while breaks down due to several factors. This will cause your hair to thin or fall out. The antioxidants found in biotin can stop this process from happening before it's too late. See why biotin is on the wall of fame in our office? And yes we do have a wall of fame! 

Again, biotin is a vitamin and if you are biotin deficient, it can have negative effects to your body. While this doesn't happen often, if you're suffering from biotin deficiency it can stop you from growing those Fabio locks that you're looking for.     


Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is composed of tiny berries that Native Americans have been using for hundreds of years, not just as a food but for its health benefits as well.  They are very handy berries that have the potential to stop and or block the molecule in your body that's responsible for hair loss - DHT.  

If you're searching for some saw palmetto, you can get it in various shampoos as well as in tablet form or powders. Alternatively you could simply munch on the dry berries themselves. On a side note, there is also evidence that saw palmetto can be used to treat an enlarged prostate and help fight against prostate cancer, so its a pretty kickass lil' dude! 



When we say caffeine you might think, "oh I've got this one covered at least twice a day!" But this is a little different. And no you're not going to open up a coffee tin and spread it on your head. 

Caffeine to your hair is like that first cup of coffee in the morning that's going to get the cogs turning. It's been known to make hair grow rapidly while slowing down the process that causes hair loss. Picture it like a race, hair loss just can't keep up with how quickly caffeine grows your hair. 

You've probably been told that caffeine can make your hair thin out. There is also some truth in that but it happens in excess amounts. So, if you're thinking about chugging pots of coffee as a way to grow your hair, don't! Just stick with a shampoo or find a supplement that contains caffeine to light the fire in your follicles.



Minoxidl is all you need to know when you are looking at topical solutions for a fast hair growth treatment! If you decide to go with this method, avoiding any of the oral solutions you've seen floating around, just know when you start using minoxidil your hair will appear to fall out a touch more.

BUT, after this you're in for a treat because this is the fertiliser you've been looking for! Basically, it encourages your hair to start growing thicker and healthier by pumping blood straight to your follicles, delivering all that nutrient goodness they require!

It may take a few months before you start seeing results, but if you stick with it, this is the king to fast hair growth treatments, much like Arnie is to Mr. Universe (and all other things)! If you're looking for an epic minoxidil-based topical solution, have a squiz at our Gone Toppo.

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What to Avoid 

When you start losing your hair, or it starts thinning, you may become desperate to try anything! Take a few breaths, chill out and think rationally. You don't want to put any random Joe in your mouth or on your head and hope that it works like a bomb! 

If you're unsure of any products or ingredients, have a flick through our blog HERE, we've covered pretty much everything about getting your hair looking lush as hell. Never double down on any dosages! At the end of the day its not going to make your fast hair growth treatment any faster and it might just land you in the hospital! 


Fast Hair Growth Treatment to Get You the Fabio Locks You're Dreaming of!

Losing your hair can be devastating! Most dudes aren't proud of stepping into the bald world, but due to genetics, ageing or a bunch of other factors, It might just be an inevitable fate! Consider getting around any of the above fast hair growth treatments and get started with combating time. You can choose how long you want to keep your noggin' flourishing!

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