If you’ve been looking up solutions to hair loss online for a while now, then you’ve probably seen your fill of chemical options that sound more at home on the back of a packet of Twisties rather than in your hair. Terms like Minoxidil, Finasteride and Pantothenic Acid get thrown around pretty willy nilly these days, which can be a bit of a turn off for anyone who is interested in keeping things au naturale when it comes to "curing" their baldness. As such, here’s a list of totally, 100% natural remedies for hair growth that'll restart your ‘do.

Now obviously while these remedies are totally natural, if you want the best of both worlds you should check out joebloe’s range of hair growth products. Packed full of natural goodness and the best of modern science, our products were specially made to get you results fast. Read on to learn more about all of the great natural ingredients we include in our products! First though - some 100% natural remedies for hair growth. 

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Get your hands in there dog! Giving yourself a cheeky head rub increases blood flow, stretches out the follicles and encourages growth. As a bonus, you’ll relieve yourself of some stress and tension, so you’ll be calm, collected and covered in hair before long.



Ginseng has been a go-to traditional medicine in Chinese culture for yonks, with a whole list of apparent health benefits. Recent studies however, have confirmed that Ginseng can and will promote hair growth, from helping the follicles, to increasing the amount of hair that grows, to helping block DHT! Go Ginseng, you little beauty. Remind me to include you in my next stir fry! 


Onion Juice

This one might be a tougher sell. There has been a study that says that applying onion juice to your dome and letting it soak for a bit, twice a day, encourages regrowth in patients suffering from ‘alopecia areata’. Now cards on the table, this study was only a baby study, applied to 38 folks – a proper study would require more heads, but the results here are promising. Just note, you may want to through some peppermint oil or lemon juice or something in there as well, unless you reeeeally like onions, or more specifically, smelling like an onion.


Coconut Oil

You’ve probably seen a lot of people talk about Coconut Oil as if it’s a miracle cure for hair loss, but as with most fun facts on the internet, that’s not 100% true. It has been proven that Coconut Oil can limit protein-loss in your hair which is going to help prevent against damages caused by combing or brushing, but the claims that it’s going to help hair grow faster or protect against male-pattern baldness are a little shadier. Possible, sure, but unproven. Bonus; it smells pretty good – if you want your hair to smell like a Hawaiian holiday, go nuts. Coco-nuts, that is. Sorry.


Of course, if you want to jump ahead, all of our joebloe products are built on a foundation of natural remedies for hair growth, improved with the power of SCIENCE (insert mad-scientist laugh here). In Gone Toppo, you’ll find natural Zinc and Caffeine, mixed with the hair growth powerhouses of Minoxidil and Tetinoin. Little Pals is lousy with natural ingredients including the Ginseng mentioned above, as well as Ginko Biloba Leaf extract, Saw Palmetto Berry extract, Nettle Leaf extract, Jaborandi Leaves and more! Our products were made to be good for you, good for your hair and of course; effective.

One thing you’re not going to find in our products is Finasteride. Finasteride is a chemical specially formulated to block DHT development, but unlike our own natural DHT blockers, has been shown to have some rough potential side effects. For example; using Finasteride “may increase your risk of developing prostate cancer”, according to drugs.com. Scary stuff. It can also cause birth defects in pregnant women, and as such shouldn't even be touched by women or children. Then there are the “common side effects; loss of interest in sex, impotence, trouble having an orgasm and more”.

Hopefully you can understand why we don’t jive with Finasteride here at joebloe.


So while products such as ours here at joebloe have been specially formulated to provide a solution to your baldness, there are options out there for you if you’d prefer to use natural remedies for hair growth. We would love to hear if you see results from any of the above, so by all means let us know if any of the above remedies work for you, giving you back that glorious mane you’re missing.

Otherwise, if you want to skip the experimentation, we’re offering the first month free at joebloe right now, so feel free to look into how we can help by hitting the link below!



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