Ho ho ho, one month to go! Soon that big, hairy man’s going to be sliding down our chimneys, hopefully bringing a head full of hair for 2019! November has been a wild month here at the joebloe head quarters. Combined with international business trips (… where we worked hard and played even harder), new packages and never before seen mixology by our favourite labrats (PSA - we're talking about ourselves, not real animals; that shit sucks!). So, here is the G O about what went down in November!


Bonkers in Honkers.

After nines hours of traveling, engulfed by the highest levels of energy and excitement compliments of the man himself, Mi Jules, we rolled into Hong Kong ready to smash through the next 3 days! Sticking out like three sore thumbs, we steamed into Comsmoprof Asia on a mission and by God we were going to get it done! Crawling out of bed each morning with dry mouths, throbbing heads, and as bushy-tailed as possible, we found the holy grail! Let’s just say, joebloe’s going to be absolutely styling in the new year, and we’re buzzin’! 

 joebloe honkers

You Asked, We’ve Listened! 

We recently put it out to a bunch of legends to see if they had any qualms about old mate joe, and the main thing that we saw was that the big hit every three months was making a few accounts wear a little thin. So, we’ve launched a new monthly subscription to help lighten the load! We’ve now got you covered, whatever the weight of your wallet… You can sign up to joebloe, receive everything you need, when you need it, on a month to month basis. On the other hand, if you’re sick of waiting around, you can also purchase an entire years worth of joebloe to keep those stocks loaded for the next 12 months, without having to blink an eye! Remember, no lock in contracts means no worries my friend, Hakuna Matata!


Mixing It Up In The Lab!

Our very awesome science geeks have been working tirelessly in the lab to find the perfect mixture of soapy goodness for something super special, coming your way in the new year. We’ve been watching you (in a totally non-non-creepy way…), and have put our special littles minds together to suss out exactly what it is you want most. We think we’ve just about nailed it! We’re not letting the hairy cat outta the bag just yet, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled, because when we finally let her roam free like the hairy beast she is, be sure she’s gonna be real silky and smooth… ;)


Those are just a few of the big things that’s gone down in November! Almost time to crack a coldie and enjoy that Chrissy seafood feast with the fam. We love this time of the year, everything changes, the vibe around town is super special, and everything becomes a little more warm and fuzzy! What better way to jump into the festivities then showing off your thick, strong, blowing in the wind Nicolas Cage style head of hair. Give yourself, a mate or a loved one the gift that truly keeps on givin' this Christmas; a phresh head of hair!




Peace, love and rad hair!


The sooner you start,
the sooner you’ll get it back!