So we’ve tackled how gone toppo changes the game by getting the blood pumping up top, but now it’s time to talk about the big brother of the joebloe family, little pals. 

Little pals, as their name implies, are your new best mates when it comes to slowing men's hair loss and growing out that thick new mane. Growing hair is hard work (it’s why we take so many breaks here at joebloe HQ) and little pals is a specially formulated super mix of all the best nutrients to get thick, healthy hair sprouting. By tackling the balding process via the bloodstream, little pals is able to get straight to the source of the issue, blocking DHT production while also supplying your hair with bonus goodies. If you’ve ever considered taking hair loss vitamins, little pals has everything you need. They’re actually chock full, we tried to stick a few extra in but they were full up, like one of those trains in Japan that is holding about 200x as many people as it was built to.

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If you’re still unsure what DHT is (or why we’re so stoked that little pals is going to start blocking it), it’s most likely the reason why your hair is falling out in the first place. In super simple terms, your body produces testosterone, it’s what makes you look so manly, big guy ;). At a certain age (which is different for everyone), an enzyme joins the party and starts converting all that manly testosterone into everyone’s least favourite party guest, DHT. DHT is basically the dude that wasn’t technically invited to the party, drank all your fancy booze, smashed a vase, then ran off after stealing the batteries out of all your remotes... just the worst. It’s DHT that causes follicles to shrink, hair to weaken and baldness to happen. If you want to go even deeper into how DHT is just the worst, check out this article we’ve written all about it. For now though, all that matters is that little pals has got your back, and they’re going to ensure that DHT doesn’t make it anywhere near your fancy booze or remotes.


How does it do it?

Like I said, little pals is bursting at the seams with hair loss vitamins. Buckle up, because I’m going to throw them all at you, right here, right now.

Gingko Biloba (Leaf) Extract

This exotic little number hastens blood flow to your body’s extremities and fine capillaries – so your scalp gets some love too. The oxygen carried by this blood delivers all the nutrients and essential vitamins like A and E direct to your noggin.


Hair follicles really lean on your thyroid gland – they’re like that moocher friend who comes to visit for one night and never leaves. So you need to make sure that you’ve got enough Iodine in your system to keep thyroid activity normal. If you do so, you’ll end up with shiny, thick and very healthy hair.

Vitamin B6

There’s a heck-load of B Vitamins but B6 is handy in creating melanin – a pigment which gives hair its colour. Bloody legend!

Saw Palmetto (Berry) Extract

This extract is the fundamental DHT blocker that stands between your follicles and the chemical responsible for minimising their size. Without a blocker, the process of miniaturisation continues until the hair falls off its perch.


Not just for protecting test cricketers from sunburn during multi-day matches, Zinc also strengthens your hair. It’s ability to promote production of cells, maintain important glands and stimulate tissue growth makes it a must-have mineral. Get some zinc into your system and you’re on the fast track for long-lasting locks.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

This guy is just there providing support and making sure you don’t go grey too early or lose hair.

Nettle (Leaf) Extract

Who doesn’t love a bit of herb? Especially when it’s like Nettle – nourishing your entire body with minerals and vitamins. It’s key to hair growth, volume and darkening so get it into ya.


Blood flow to the hair roots is critical and our little friend Copper helps form the haemoglobin that carries the oxygen to the scalp. All working together like a dream team, the essential vitamins and minerals are provided to your noggin to keep your hair from dying out.

Beta Sisosterol

Would you believe that this natural plant extract is also used to stop hair loss, too? That’s why it’s in our Little Pals, dummy! The ability to target the hormones responsible for baldness, like a heat-seeking missile, makes Beta Sisoterol invaluable in the fight for your follicles. You want to get this stuff into you at the first sign of hair loss.



Folate is not just available from the milk in your cereal bowl – it’s also essential for tissue growth and cell function. The folic acid prevents hair loss and some people (in lab coats) speculate it also keeps your hair from greying.


Not just the ultimate wingman for flushing out illicit substances before a workplace pee-test, Niacin helps with circulation to the scalp stimulating hair growth.



Not just for energy drinks at frat parties, Taurine is tops at preventing TGP, an inhibitor of hair growth. It blocks out the hair haters making sure hair can grow free and unoppressed.



The big cog in manufacturing hair, Biotin also plays a key part in skin and nail health. So, really you’re getting more bang for your buck!

Jaborandi Leaves

Keep those luscious locks shiny and strong with natures miracle glue.

American Ginseng (Root) Extract

Ginseng is like a scalp plumber (with less butt crack) – unblocking your follicles and removing any toxins to facilitate hair growth.


Phew; it’s a bit of a list, isn’t it. Don’t worry though, they’re all on your team when it comes to hair growth.


How do I take it?

Not to worry, little pals could not be simpler to use. Just smash two of those bad boys after brekky in the morning and you’re done – you’re on your way to looking like an 80’s hair-band front man. Important note – the breakfast part of these guidelines is intentional and important. Knocking back little pals on an empty stomach can be a rough time – nothing dangerous or permanent, but you’ll probably score yourself some stomach pains. Plus, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why aren’t you eating it?


Important notes

Here’s a couple of things that may help you as you make little pals a part of your day;

  • We say this a lot but it’s for good reason, keep your little pals next to your toothbrush and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to take them! Genius! Well, our mum’s thought we were geniuses.

  • Seriously, the food thing. Consider this an excuse to chow down on a breakfast muffin with your coffee each morning – it’s now *technically* good for you.


If you’d like to learn more about the specifics of little pals including how best to store them, details on the recipe and safety information, then check out the info card found here!

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Peace, love and rad hair my dudes x

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