So we talk a big game about the products in the joebloe family (for good reason too, they're absolutely tops). Today I wanted to get specific, get real up close and personal with the littlest kid in the joebloe family, Gone Toppo.

First things first, there’s like a 20% chance you’ve been saying ‘troppo’ accidentally this whole time. As chill as it is, there’s nothing particularly tropical about our best bud Gone Toppo; the name is just a quick little reminder of where it should be used… your toppo. Hey, sometimes we need a reminder too, okay?

What is the dealio with this spray-on skull juice? In short, gone toppo is basically a super smoothie for your dome. Nourishment is the name of the game and a few pumps of this spray is the hair equivalent of smashing one of those green juices full of vegetables and kale and things with wheat in the name that you would never choose to eat otherwise. It’s a straight shot of nutrients, directly to the hair-making factories in your scalp (also known as follicles, for those playing at home).

If you want to talk science, then gone toppo is all about prolonging the ‘Anagen Phase’ which is basically the growing period. Normally this phase lasts 3-5 years but with a bit of a kick up the rump from gone toppo, your hair’s going to stay on the growth train way longer.


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What's in it?

Now you’re wondering what we’ve included in this magic little bottle to get such great results for changing directions on men's hair loss? Nothing too wild; powdered unicorn horns of course, a dash of the first chill of Winter, a couple of butterfly tears and the beard of a Canadian Lumberjack. No, okay that’s not totally accurate, unicorn horns are way too expensive for us. What you are going to get is things like…

Minoxidil to bump up blood flow, widen your follicles and extend out that Anagen Phase

Tetinoin to help out Minoxidil with all the stuff above

Zinc which slings your hair some bonus proteins and general nourishment

Caffeine that's going to go after the DHT your traitorous body has started producing

How does it work?

Are you wondering how best to get gone toppo firing in your corner? It’s not tough, just follow these steps;

  • Clean your hair you monster. How long has it been?! Nah but really, wash your hair first and then make sure it’s fully dried. There’s nothing worse than using the spray then taking a shower and washing all your good work down the drain, quite literally. It’ll also help if you can set up a routine, for example right before you hit the sack each night.

  • Then you want to knock out 6-8 sprays directly onto the skin of your scalp. Note that the spray isn’t for your hair; the best it can do on your hair is act as a pretty average hair gel. Get that spray just a centimetre or two above the scalp and let loose. Be sure to hit all your danger zones – anywhere the hair is thinning out.

  • Give yourself a sensual head massage. Ohhhhhh yeah, that’s the stuff. Take the time to rub it into all the nooks and crannies and get that scalp blood pumping!

Follow this pattern and you’re laughing!

Important notes

Before you jump on the wagon, here's a couple of things to look out for –

  • If you feel like your hair is ending up a bit oily, you may be using too much or spraying it directly onto your hair as opposed as onto the scalp. Try dropping it back the number of pumps and ensuring that you’re applying that goodness directly to where it’s going to do the best job.

  • This one may seem pretty obvious, but don’t spray it in your eyes. It’s not going to cause any permanent damage, but it’s never a good time. Here’s a little rhyme to help you remember; ‘Come on guys, it’s not for eyes. For gone toppo to help, it's gotta touch the scalp

Now obviously I could continue to rant about where, when, how and why gone toppo is a great way to stimulate growth up top, but you have places to be, so I’m just going to say that if you want to learn more about any of the specifics such as how to store and dispose of your bottles, compound information or anything like that, you can check out our info card located here.

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Peace love and rad hair, my dudes x

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