If you're losing your hair chances are you've seen the wide range of treatments and solutions for mens hair loss including minoxidil, hair transplants, laser light therapy or finasteride.

Finasteride alongside minoxidil is one of the most well known hair loss treatments on the market. All the big brands sling finasteride as part of their hair regrowth solutions and it's with good reason, finasteride actually has a history of results for men. It's the side effects that is a bit of a concern and why joebloe chooses to not run with it. Many of the team at joebloe have tried it at one point or another and we're not here to say "avoid at all costs", we just prefer to go down a different path.

Originally finasteride was designed and tested as a drug to treat an enlarged prostate and prevent prostate cancer until doctors noticed that one of its side effects was increased hair growth. Doctors dug a little deeper into why this was happening and they discovered that finasteride was actually blocking the production of dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

For those new to DHT, if I had to to sum it up in a few words they'd all be swear words. Essentially the enzyme 5-alpha reductase passed on to you from your parents converts testosterone in your body into DHT. Some males have genes that make them more at risk for androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness and as a result their hair follicles are more sensitive to DHT. It causes hair follicle miniaturisation which is a condition in which the hair that grows from the follicles affected to be shorter and thinner with each hair growth cycle. The hair growth cycle can be so short that no new hairs grow. Pretty messed up huh?

Finasteride blocks DHT from being produced which if you have read anything I just wrote you'll realise that it's a pretty huge deal!


Studies have shown that finasteride works with up to 80 percent of users found that it stopped hair loss as a result of the treatment and 66 percent of men saw some level of hair regrowth. All the data points towards it being one of the most effective hair growth treatment available.

While there is no doubt that finasteride prevents hair loss, it also has a number of side effects which are quite alarming. The chances of the more severe side effects are low but I guess it comes back to the very name of this article, is the juice worth the squeeze?

When you are prescribed finasteride one of the first things your physician will address is the risk of decreased libido, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation disorder. If you're going to put in all the hard work of trying to keep your hair so you can be confident in how you look, why give up your libido and sex drive? Again, it's a small amount of cases that experience these side effects but it's a roll of the dice that might not be worth the gamble.

To this day it is still used to prevent prostate cancer which it has shown to be effective in treating however in a small percentage of cases it has shown that it increases the risk of a high-grade prostate cancer which is more difficult to treat. 

At joebloe we've seen it all before and that's why we've chosen to not gamble with our manhood. If you are not willing to risk it all, our topical solution Gone Toppo uses minoxidil, a proven hair loss treatment that avoids the risk of messing with your fella. Our Little Pals are jam packed with natural ingredients with the sole purpose of being good for your hair and body. joebloe is designed to get you the results you're chasing without sacrificing everything else. 

Hair loss treatments don't get FDA approved in America or allowed to be prescribed in Australia if they are not suitable for human consumption so don't get completely spooked by the side effects. We highly recommend doing your own research, weighing up the options and if you're happy to risk it to get the biscuit then absolutely go for it but if you want to grow your hair back and still feel manly check out our treatments here.





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