Since most men are aware of the high probability of experiencing hair loss as they age, the desire to keep their mane around as long as possible is growing. This leaves tons of dudes turning to different supplements, vitamins and products that help promote hair growth, and to run as far away from being dubbed a chrome dome amongst their mates as they can.

We've noticed the growing trend of guys moving away from medications that've been designed to fight hair loss. But are there hair growth vitamins for men that they really work? The answer is YES!

In this article, I'm going to break down some of the best vitamins for hair loss that all my fellow balding hombre's can have a crack at.


Hair Growth Vitamins for Men: An Overview

If you look online, or at most drugs stores, you'll likely see many different vitamins marketed toward men's hair loss. There are a bunch of supplements and vitamin formulas that are made of different ingredients that'l help regrow hair or keep it thick and healthy.

While each supplement you get is different, you'll want to ensure you get the right balance of the best vitamins that'll keep your hair looking as beast-y as possible.




Do Hair Growth Vitamins Really Work?

Well - yes and no... It all depends on the combination of vitamins or supplements you buy. Some will give you several nutrients, which are good for your body all around, but they may not help your hair in particular. Others will definitely work their magic and bring out the best your locks have to offer! The trick is knowing which kick-ass ingredients are perfect for your hair to truly blossom.

These are the most important vitamins and supplements needed to keep rocking your best 'do! 


DHT Blockers

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) blockers are the main ingredient in our Little Pals! Why? Well technically it isn't necessarily a 'vitamin', but it forms part of the vital supplements that keep baldness at bay. While it won't give you a long mane overnight, it will help prevent baldness from hitting you like a ton of bricks, keeping your hair thicker for longer.

A derivative of testosterone, DHT is responsible for all the many things that make us men. But, DHT is also the dick responsible for male pattern baldness. Having too much of it in your body results in it binding to your hair follicles, decreasing their growth over time. It can also shorten the lifecycle of hair growth until there's no longer a cycle at all! Meaning hair doesn't even have the chance to grow back! You want to stop this before it's too late and theres no more follicles left.

If you block DHT from binding to your hair follicle receptors, you can ensure that you have a happy, healthy head of hair for a lot longer than we were destined to have.

DHT blocker supplements tend to work better than topical creams. Consuming supplements help you absorb DHT blockers better than when simply rubbed on the scalp. This is exactly why DHT blockers are our Little Pals right hand man!



Any hair loss product worth the squeeze will not only contain DHT blockers, but also biotin. Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, is one of the most important vitamins that combat hair loss. Biotin plays a key role in both hair and nail growth by keeping them looking and feeling healthy.

To get biotin naturally, you'll need to wack a whole bunch of eggs, milk and bananas into your diet. If you've been ill or are malnourished, you may experience low biotin levels. If you're a smoker, your biotin levels can become depleted, which means you'll want to stop smoking if you want to ensure that your hair stays long n' lustrous.

The best way to make sure your body is stoked with the right levels to get your hair flowing in the wind is a supplement. And you guessed it, Little Pals contains biotin as well! Don't sweat it, we've got ya head covered ;)



Another key ingredient for a supplement addressing hair loss is folate, or B12. As veganism has seen a rise in recent years, you've probably seen more and more people discuss B12 supplements. B12 is one of the only vitamins that you can't get from plant foods and it must come from either supplement or animal products. Here at joebloe we cater for all lifestyles ;) 

B12 is so important for your body to help it develop new cells. This is crucial for helping your hair grow, as new cells are need to regenerate for your follicles and to keep your hair growing like wild fire! 



Zinc is what keeps the glands around your hair follicles producing oil, which is so important for keeping your hair healthy and growing. It's also partially responsible for helping your body generate new cells, and is instrumental in both hair and tissue growth.

Zinc is the man when it comes to maintaining a healthy head of hair. If you don't get enough zinc in your diet, which let's face it, most of us really don't, you could be seeing a lot more hairs on your pillow every morning you wake up! As such, a supplement that contains zinc will ensure that you keep your hair looking thicker for as long as possible.




Will Hair Growth Vitamins for Men Really Work for Me?

Hair growth vitamins aren't going to be the magical pills that'll make your hair pop over night! Taking vitamins for hair loss is a long game, but if you stick to a long-term supplement program of all the above vitamins, you will no doubt see an improvement in hair growth! More importantly, you will see fair less hair loss than you would without them. Couple that with a healthy diet and a topical solution, you'll give your hair every chance in the world to stick around a lot longer that you've expected. 

Our joebloe subscription package contains all the best vitamins for hair loss jammed into one Little Pal! With it you'll get our own minoxidil base topical solution, Gone Toppo, which coaxes all these vitamins and nutrients to the areas you need them most - your hair follicles. If you're part of the nearly half of Australian men who have suffered hair loss, jump on our subscription and we'll give you your first month FREE!




But for now, peace, love and rad hair gentlemen!


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