Buzzfeed lists 19 reasons why going bald is actually brilliant. Couple of their reason aren't - like lots of women are loving bald men these days, or never worrying about getting a haircut ever again - totally spot on! But if you went through the list and you're still, "Yeah, nah, yeah, not for me mate," welcome to our world! It's one thing to watch other guys embrace their baldness, but it's another thing to entirely let go yourself.

I know I haven't just yet! 

And let's be real. For a lot of men, balding can be seriously depressing. And if you can relate to that, you'll try all the hair loss treatments out there before you accept your true fate. Lucky for you, we're breaking down the top hair loss treatments out there so you can decide which is best for you without having to go to far.


1. Topical Solutions

One of the best things about men's hair loss treatments is you have a bunch of options. So if the thought of hair transplants scares you, you can try these less invasive options first.

And that means using a hair growth shampoo or gettin' around a topical solution. For the latter, there are different formulas available in the market today, but the most effective ones contain minoxidil. 

If you have no idea what minoxidil is, you may be interested to know that it's a vasodilator. Whats a vasodilator? They're drugs used to treat high blood pressure. We've broken down the in's and out's in our article - 5 Big Questions About Minoxidil!

Now, topical solutions containing minoxidil cannot treat a receding hairline or baldness occurring at the scalp's front, but they help thicker, healthier hair grow in the case of male pattern baldness. The downside to using minoxidil is, if you stop using it, the hairy benefits slowly disappear and you end up a lil' lighter of the noggin.

But that's the case for all hair loss treatments out there. Still, if you're looking for the most effective topical solution, you can't go wrong with minoxidil-containing potions, which is exactly what Gone Toppo's number one ingredient is! 


2. Supplements

Can vitamins and minerals be the cure for baldness

Cure's not the right word for it. But as we've said before, they're a hell of a lot better than nothing! 

For example, biotin plays an essential role in the health of your hair, nails, and skin. Not getting enough biotin or vitamin H can lead to increased hair loss... not good!

If you want to up your biotin consumption, munch down on some mushrooms, whole grains, bananas, nuts. But supplementation is also an option, and a pretty solid option tbh! A measured, correct amount of supplements geared specifically to hair loss is your best mate, mate! Hit up some biotin capsules or tablets that you can get snake from the pharmacy or health food stores. In saying that, supplements ain't for everyone. What works for your mate Jimmy may not work for you. 

To be sure, always talk to your doctor before taking any supplement. And don't take more than what your doctor or pharmacist instructs you to take. Otherwise you might get a bit too jacked, and that's not what you're looking for!




3. PRP

Have you ever heard of vampire facials?

You may think I'm kidding, but a vampire facial or PRP is a real cosmetic thing these days. Even Kim Kardashian has tried it - so you know, it must be AMAZING...

And it's not just beauty enthusiasts who know about PRP or platelet-rich plasma. Athletes or those who have orthopaedic conditions may have come across PRP injections for healing muscle damage and reducing inflammation. 

As a hair loss treatment, PRP doesn't differ that much from a vampire facial or those injections athletes get to ease tendonitis, tennis elbow, and everything else that might be a bit of a pain in the ass. It's only the site of injection that differs. Straight into the top of your dome, brother!

Basically, your doctor will inject platelet-rich plasma into your scalp. PRP is chock-full of growth factors, which will stimulate new hair follicles. Fresh hair will be poppin' up like those pimples during your teens in no time.

Of course, since these are injections, you can expect some (or a lot) of pain. And your doctor may recommend a second round of shots if your hair growth starts slowing down (which is highly likely, usually after 6 months). The issue is that it's kind of a Hail Mary with the hope that everything will sweet from here on in... Unfortunately that's not how hair loss treatments work.


4. Laser

When you think of laser you probably think of hair removal. But there's a type of laser being used to promote hair growth - low-level lasers or cold lasers. 

Now, this type of laser therapy fires off photons into scalp tissues to promote hair growth. Compared to hair transplant surgery, this type of laser therapy is painless, non-invasive, and free of side effects. As long as you like gettin' zapped like a day old meal in a microwave!

But there are downsides. For one, it's expensive. So if money's tight, this isn't the option for you.

And you'll need more than one session. It's a huge negative if affordability is your number one killer for palming off hair loss treatments. And it's photosensitizing, so if you're stressin' about sun exposure, this will make your skin more vulnerable to the harsh effects of them uv rays. So it's up to you whether these risks outweigh the benefits! 


5. Hair Transplants

A hair transplant procedure is ideal for men who want a hair loss treatment option that has a high success rate. As the name implies, hair is transplanted to areas that are bald or thinning.

But - and this is a big one - it's a surgical procedure. That means it's invasive and pain is a huge possibility. If you're considering hair transplants, your doctor may recommend a light sedative or a local anaesthetic to help you relax and zone out. No stress though, because when you come out of it you'll have a few more sprouts about! 

And because it's a serious procedure, you have to follow post-surgery instructions to a T. So for those lazy dudes, like big ol' Jules , you got to be on it or could have some sh*t things happening up top. The recovery can take as long as three weeks, so you'll want to avoid activities that will increase your risk of infection, scarring, and bleeding. So don't go pullin' or tuggin' at your freshies or exposing your new 'do to direct sunlight. 

If everything goes well, you can enjoy natural-looking results and there's no need for you to do another surgery. After a fair amount of time though, your hair growth can and most likely will regress, it's just natural. 


What Hair Loss Treatments Are You Considering?

Now that you know more about the most effective hair loss treatments, give whichever one suits you best a crack! It's just a matter of deciding which one is right for you and matches the size of your wallet.

The easiest in terms of budget and effort are topical solutions and supplements. We've got you covered on that front just in case you're wondering ;) But if money's no object, there's PRP and low-level laser therapy to consider.

And finally, if you want to go for the most aggressive route, opt for a hair transplant surgery. Just make sure you understand the risks and don't ignore your doctor's post-surgery instructions.

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