One of the best things you can do for your hair is smash vitamins. This shouldn’t really be a surprise; our parents weren’t lying when they told us that we needed the vitamins in all those vegetables they crammed down our throats as kids. While all vitamins are good however, some of them are extra good when it comes to restoring your hair.

Now before we dive in, we’ve gotta get serious again. Vitamins are dope, but you can for sure have too much of this specific good thing if you go too hard. If you’re not already deficient, which is to say ‘running low’ on a specific vitamin, then OD-ing on unneeded hair regrowth Vitamins is gonna get you in all sorts of strife, health wise. As such, we for sure recommend chatting with your doc before loading up at the local chemist.

Now let’s break down which of these nourishing mofos are on your side!


Vitamin D

Kicking things off, we have Vitamin D. Apart from being the cheapest Vitamin on this list on account of the fact that you get it FREE from the Sun, Vitamin D is also one of the Vitamins most attuned to helping a brother out with his hair loss. First and foremost, Alopecia Areata has been linked to peeps with low Vitamin D levels for yonks now, but Vitamin D can also help you develop whole new follicles. Downsides? Cancer. Specifically skin cancer, especially if you’re Aussie like us, where the sun sometimes feels like it’s close enough to hi 5 you if you get a bit of a run up. Thankfully you can still score Vitamin D by knocking back some fish (halibut, mackerel, salmon, whitefish) or ‘shrooms (no, not those shrooms - maitake mushrooms or portabella mushrooms).


Omega Acids

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Acids have always been well known for being a great time when it comes to your hair and skin. A study in 2015 resulted in 89.9% of test subjects reporting reduced hair loss after 6 months of consistent Omega Acid use. 89.9%! That’s basically 100% (Maths has never been my strongest skill, to be honest). If you want to get on the Omega train, Fish Oil is the name of the game, friends. Get it in capsule form or go straight to the fish.


Vitamin C

You presumably know Vitamin C from… well oranges, mostly, but did you know that it’s also a major helper in stopping the signs of the ageing process? If you’ll allow me to get pretty hectic about science here for a second, oxygen is bad for you. Wait, let me get more specific. When some atoms mix with oxygen, they can become unstable and turn into what science wizzards call ‘Free Radicals’. A free radical is crazy reactive and can turn other atoms into equally reactive free radicals, which pretty quickly becomes a wild chain reaction of loose molecules, all of which damage your cells, ageing you. That’s basically what ageing is, cell damage. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps to step in and put a stop to that, faster than an overworked father puts a stop to back seat shenanigans on a long car trip (which in my house, was quick). Score yourself a dose of Vitamin C from oranges (duh), red capsicum, broccoli, kale, strawberries, grapefruit or kiwi fruit.



B-Vitamins are super well known as hair regrowth Vitamins – you may recognise the name ‘Biotin’ from a couple of famously effective hair loss products ;) B-Vitamins will help out by repairing damaged hair, bulking up red blood cell production and supporting your adrenal glands. On top of this, Biotin deficiency has been linked to hair loss.

All that being said, Biotin and other B-Vitamins are pretty common in a tonne of delish foods like whole grains, almonds, meat, fish, seafood and dark, leafy greens, so deficiency is kinda rare. Maybe if you’re a full-blown vegan, B-Vitamin deficiency may be a factor in your hair loss, but otherwise, this is for sure one to check with the doc before you start downing the pills.


So there are some of the hair regrowth vitamins that are either a great way to make sure your hair stops thinning out or are an explanation for why things may be thinning the first placeWhile the occasional multivitamin will probably do you a world of good (everything in moderation, blah, blah, blah) I wasn’t goofing before when I recommended hitting up your GP before going ham in the Vitamins aisle. Having too many vitamins is rough and an extremely ironic reason to get sick, so get a vibe on what you need before you do anything drastic.

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Stay legendhairy, fellas.



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