So you’re probably here because you’ve had a look in the mirror recently and realised that your once strong, impressive, Elvis-at-his-prime-esque hairline was looking a little thinner, and perhaps a little higher than you remember. Closer to Elvis-when-he-died-on-the-toilet, maybe. In the past we've covered a general list of ways to check if you're balding, but today we’re going to go through all the things to keep an eye out for if you do think you might be getting ‘a little taller than your hair’ as they say. Well, I heard someone say that once.


 First and foremost, let’s be clear – men's hair loss is happens to dudes literally every day. 25% of guys will start to see signs of hair loss before the age of 25, and by 35 it’ll be 66%. You’re not alone by any stretch of the imagination. Almost all of these folks are going to see some similar signs when things first kick off, so let’s go through what you should be looking out for if you think you may be a victim to mens hair loss.




SIGN 1: That’s not where it used to be…

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that your hairline is uneven. If things are all pulling back at the same rate at the same time, your hairline may just be ‘maturing’ more so than receding. This means that it’s settling into where it’s going to hang out throughout adulthood; it’s basically buying its first home a little further up your forehead. If things are receding more in some places (i.e, your temples) than in others (i.e not your temples) then you’ve got yourself a classic sign of recession! Congrats, I guess? 

SIGN 2: I remember things being a little… thicker

Another sign that you’re on the receding hairline train, is that the hair in the classic danger zones (temples, top of the forehead, wherever that highway was going in the Kenny Loggins song) are going to look and feel thinner. Run your fingers through these areas, see if the hair feels thinner, shorter or softer than the rest of your hair. Everyone knows the classic ‘M’ receding hairline pattern, party in the front at the top of the forehead, business back from the temples (feel free to refer to it as a reverse mullet if that helps). The first stage of this process is going to be the hair in these places thinning before it disappears, so if you know it’s coming then you can get ahead of the game.

SIGN 3: Furry Shower Hairballs

Apologies, that’s probably not the best mental-picture to kick off with. Unfortunately, it is however another effective sign – if you have a receding hairline, that means it’s falling out and not being replaced; and the easiest place to see that hair that’s fallen out is in the shower. Next time you’re soaping up, take the time to see if there’s hair coming out alongside the shampoo. If there’s more than you expect (everyone’s going to lose a few strands each day), then you may have a receding hairline. Same goes for your pillow in the morning – if your hair is preferring to stay there as opposed to on your head each morning, now you know why. Chalk up another sign!

So that’s 3 basic checks you can run to see if your hair is on its way to vacating the premises. Obviously if that is the case, it’s not a big deal – there are a few different things you can do to stop this process in its tracks and put your hair back where it belongs.

The first step however is recognising that you may need the help, so if you think that what we’ve discussed above might apply to you, don’t hesitate to give us a shout! 

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